Turanibol aka TBOL

Oral Turninabol (dehydrochloromethyltestosterone) is even called as oral Pro Turinabol or Turinabol (OT). Turinabol is an imitative of Dianabol which does not support estrogenic and water retention side effects. Turinabol generates low but quality benefits.

During 1960 when East German’s were searching for an edge for their competitive and Olympic sportsperson Turinabol was created. It is at present only available from secretive labs.

Turinabol is a slower working steroid. While taking Turinabol, strength, weight, and muscle mass improves will not be excessively powerful; but, they will be of excellent quality. Turinabol even does not normally produce threat for estrogenic harmful effects, so there is restricted risk for gynecomastia or water retention. The consumer can acquire a tough look to their muscles owing to restricted water retention.

Turinabol is 17-alpha alkylated that means it could be deadly to the liver. It can even lower the ability of clotting of blood. Harmful side effects are few however can happen from cycles which are high or too long in dosage.  Closing down of natural production of own testosterone & testicular tumors are both harmful effects of these extreme cycles.

In research carried out on men sportspersons that were given 10 mg OT every day for 6 weeks, no harmful side effects or health effects were state. It was even taken in fewer doses to decrease the combining of SHBG to other steroids.  Oral Turinabol was seen to have the capacity to decrease SHBG and let testosterone to be more promptly used.


One case was reported where men faced harmful side effects for five years of taking Oral Turinabol at an excessive dosage. It was noticed to be operative at very high doses by those searching to gain mass and strength, still sportspersons seeking to attain gains more rapidly and more capably in their game was extremely successful with fewer dosages of Oral Turinabol.  Shot-putters in Olympic level men were capable of adding 2.6-4m to their shot thrown, 11-12m on their Discus thrown, and 7-10m to their Hammer thrown within 4 years of guidance. Women sportspersons benefitted even more.  Men sportsperson enhanced his throw from less than 17m to over 20m.

Females experienced improved and more serious and at times unbearable harmful effects than men consumer. Even though, sometimes the females were taking dosages which exceeded the males by about double.


Lately, Oral-Turinabol has discoverd its way back into the hands of sportspersons across the globe. It’s the “latest” known drug that’s in reality extremely old. It was secret weapon of the East German when doping of their sports program was at its height. T-bol or O-T, as it’s sometimes referred, is an extremely good mass and strength drug, and as it cannot change to estrogen, can also be used on a decreasing diet.


Most consumers do quite well with dosages between 40 & 60 milligrams each day, used in separated dosages. If, you actually wish to improve your natural testosterone levels, & get all the gains. More strength and muscle mass enhanced endurance, improved recovery etc. It is the most vital product you will ever use.






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